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 Thursday, 25 April 2019 16:18
Scalable, extensible, secure, reliable.  All phrases you’ve heard before.  At Visioneering Games these aren’t just words.  Our team of professional developers has decades of experience building high transaction, highly secure and highly available gaming systems.
Our games not only entertain and award, but they are constructed to reach the player as well.

We take pride in our unique approach to advergame development by including loyalty programs, pride programs and rewards system components in our core architecture.  We use these incentives to glean consumer demographic and interest information thereby enabling highly targeted and relevant advertisements.

Further, our advanced technologies combined with an engaged, interactive consumer, enable an unprecedented measurement of online marketing effectiveness using inventive advertising campaign capabilities and novel brand awareness feedback and research programs.

The combined result is a highly valuable service to both players and advertisers. Players, by utilizing our no download flash games encompassing elements of loyalty, chance and skill, can experience the excitement of playing for cash and prizes with no risk.  Advertisers, through highly targeted and relevant ad campaigns and feedback programs, experience an unprecedented level of ad effectiveness measurement.  “The advertisements don’t interrupt the player experience, they become part of that experience.”

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