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 Thursday, 25 April 2019 16:30

Our core products consist of the Pinnacle Game Server™ and the Pinnacle Interactive Ad Server™.  Each system is designed to stand alone or be loosely linked together through a Flash client application server.  Designing these products as separate, stand-alone systems provides maximum flexibility for a potential gaming operator wishing to add our multi-player gaming system to their repertoire, adding high value advertising to their existing games, or both.


Our Pinnacle Game Server ™ is not just about advergames; it’s about generating pride, generating loyalty, and awarding the players in meaningful and novel ways.  These features are not afterthoughts. They are built into the core architecture and are therefore available in each game developed on this platform and further, are configurable in a variety of ways by the gaming operator.

Using an Adobe Flash based front end, the Pinnacle Game Server™ enables a no-download game play from any operating system or browser.   Flash further enables opportunities to quickly integrate our casino style games with 3rd party massively multiplayer online games (game-in-game).


The Pinnacle Interactive Ad Server™ extends the normal functionality of a 3rd party ad server in two ways.  First, unlike a typical Internet Ad Server, the Pinnacle Interactive Ad Server™ does not assume that the consumer to which an ad server is relatively unknown.  Rather than using behavioral information stored in unreliable browser cookies, a gaming consumer, via a login, becomes well profiled over time.   Second, in a gaming environment the consumer is engaged and interacting with the application.  These interactions can be extended to measurements of ad effectiveness and fed back through the ad server system into valuable reports and measurements to the advertiser.


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